BOS Procurement System and BOS Catalog Service – Quaranteed to make Your digital procurement successful  

At BOS we provide comprehensive catalogue service with our solid track record and extensive experience. We are committed to turn Your purchasing operations into digital procurement. Enabling Your supplier invoices to be matched automatically with purchase orders by simply including contract prices to Your orders.

BOS Procurement System (SaaS) comes packed with our network of over 1600 suppliers.

With the support of BOS Catalogue Service all Your purchases are directed to your contract suppliers and products and services are always purchased with valid and verified contract prices. Finance and accounting business processes become more efficient when the invoices are automatically matched with Your orders.

Rich content is essential in digital purchasing. Without adequate content the buyers reject the ordering system making the finance and accounting process work inefficiently. BOS Catalogue Service provides you exactly the content that You need to be successful in procurement regardless of Your suppliers physical location. Choosing BOS You will ensure sufficient content in Your digital procurement.

BOS provides the following procurement tools and services

  • BOS Digital Procurement System (SaaS)
  • BOS Catalogue Service with more than 1600 suppliers connected
  • Operator network of more than 300 operators in Europe and USA
  • Reporting
  • A fresh approach to the implementation of the services
  • BOS Helpdesk support services

We are firmly committed to Your project, up to the level that we are willing to share the risk with You of Your project's success. You may choose to pay for the benefits only, i.e. the fact that Your orders indeed become digital.

Contact Us

BOS Helpdesk tel. 020 779 0370